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Protonet provides a cloud-based social project management and collaboration platform
that integrates your communications, files, and project management tasks in a single place.

At Protonet, we follow our vision to:

To enable individuals and organizations to take control and ownership of their data.

Bring people and projects together so teammates can easily join forces across organizational, cultural, and geographical borders.

Build the simplest project management and collaboration solution in the world.

Provide users with a choice between the security of having your own server within your own firewall (private cloud) or the ease of a public cloud solution.

Design solutions for non-IT users, providing power and simplicity.

To fulfill this vision, we’ve built our software and hardware to enable our users to
simply press a button to start the process of outstanding project management,
data ownership, and control.

Simply independent.

Protonet GmbH was founded in 2012 by Ali Jelveh and Christopher Blum. We initially started as a result of Europe’s fastest crowdfunding campaign of its time and was elected start-up of the year in 2014. After that we partnered with investors that are experienced industry experts in the digital economy, advertising, server industry, and innovation to get on-board and jointly continue the vision.

Protonet is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with offices in the San Francisco bay area.