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What is a social collaboration solution?

Phil Maurer, 15. August 2016

Social collaboration, more or less, is the collaborative efforts of multiple entities beyond physical office space. This includes in-house staff, but may also involve a remote team of agencies, freelancers, vendors, and even customers spanning the globe. Social collaboration is a tool Social collaboration solutions consist of technology designed to make remote communication as efficient […]

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What are the components of social collaboration solutions?

Phil Maurer, 8. August 2016

Not all social collaboration solutions are created equally. While features like social network and email integration are typical, you need to think about your business’ needs and look beyond the basics into components that distinguish specific collaboration software and make it right for your organization. Here are some social collaboration tool components to consider. 1. […]

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How to generate a social collaboration culture

Phil Maurer, 1. August 2016

If you want to create a strong culture of collaboration across departments, the key is to promote an office culture that allows collaboration to integrate naturally into your work environment. While this may sound like a tall order, there are steps you can take to encourage social collaboration to blossom. Here are a few. Don’t […]

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Top benefits of investing in social collaboration tools

Phil Maurer, 27. July 2016

Workspaces are hardly defined by size or physical location anymore. Thanks to the emergence of collaboration tools, your small business can be run by a network of remote staff spanning the globe. So when these far-flung teams are working together, what can you get out of a collaboration tool that you can’t already get through […]

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Benefits of mobile collaboration

Phil Maurer, 25. July 2016

Mobile collaboration is the way of the future, and your business will only benefit by adapting sooner rather than later. So let’s take a look at how mobile collaboration can help businesses of all sizes. Increase workplace morale Almost every office is a BYOD (bring your own device) environment. Today, 40% of US employees indicate […]

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Which business challenges can be solved with collaboration tools?

Phil Maurer, 28. June 2016

Social collaboration can be a turnkey solution for solving many of today’s business woes. First, though, you have to identify the current challenges that businesses like yours face. You have to know why these challenges exist and how to address them. Here are three challenges that most businesses can attest as being core issues in […]

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