Protonet SOUL

Cloud-Based Social Project
Management Platform

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A Single Integrated Solution for all Business Communications,
File Sharing, and Task Management



Easy to learn, easy to use.
Get productive faster.


Your Project,
Your Solution

Simple to manage.
No datacenter space or
IT support required.


Single Integrated

One place for all your
files, tasks, events, notes,
and messages.

Learn how to use Protonet SOUL

In a 3-minute walkthrough, our founder Ali himself explains all features of Protonet SOUL, and how to use them.


Watch the walkthrough

Manage Unlimited Projects

We work on multiple projects at a time, so we need to keep communications and information for each project separate. Protonet SOUL provides powerful group creation capabilities to keep each project self-contained.

Dashboards, topics, To Do lists, events, shared files, and shared notes can be defined within projects so that the projects are clearly structured and information is exchanged thematically.


Display Everything Important In The Dashboard

Keeping an eye on the most important tasks and events becomes a breeze with customizable dashboards. Show a project’s progress, display reporting data or embed almost any 3rd-party widget within seconds.


Quickly Exchange Ideas With Chat

Some of our team members are co-located, some are not. Nothing hampers productivity more than inefficient communications. SOUL provides real time group and one-on-one chats to quickly share ideas and project updates no matter where team members sit.


Do Online Meetings With Video Chat

Even faster than text chat, SOUL video chat anables you and your team to collaborate in realtime. One-on-one converations and business meetings can be started from everywhere in SOUL with a click of a button.


Keep Projects on Plan With Task Lists

It’s easy for projects to get off track with the emergencies of the day. Protonet SOUL provides To Do lists to prioritize important deliverables and keep the project on track.

Create To Do lists for each new project. View To Do lists assigned to you, created by you, or for the whole project team. Create a dashboard icon to measure the percentage of tasks completed.


Schedule Your Time with
Synchronized Calendar

Protonet SOUL provides a shared calendar where you can create events to help the team manage their schedules. Notifications help the team remember events and show up prepared and on-time.


Share Documents Locally And Publicly

Sharing files is difficult when they are too large to email, take too long to upload to public clouds, or are too confidential to store on public clouds. SOUL file management offers users an intuitive interface to store and share information. In addition, public link features let you share files with everyone worldwide. Securely.


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