Protonet was founded under the premise that having a choice is necessary to fulfill our human potential. That creating a future in which people own their data is fundamentally more pleasant than one in which we end up in digital servitude. Only by creating products and solutions that people love (infused with a decentralized DNA), such a change can be brought forth.

Today, our solutions help tens of thousands of users like you in thousands of companies worldwide to be to drastically more productive and free.

Work With Us

  • You want to deliver your most excellent work in your respective field
  • You want to see a decentralized world become reality
  • You are willing to push your and our boundaries to make that happen


  • Be ready to work in a very challenging, fast-paced workplace
  • We are a company working to enter and win new market segments on tight schedules and budgets
  • Problems are sometimes unique and will require getting out into the wilderness – no strings, no backup plans – be prepared
  • Expect ups and downs


  • We are a good mix of veterans, fresh minds and outliers ready to tackle the challenges we face
  • We aim to hire top-of-their-fields people to be part of our team


  • We don’t focus on perks, we focus on results
  • Good working tools are available
  • Expect a marathon – turning an industry on its head isn’t trivial
  • We try to keep a balance – you will (mostly) have your nights and weekends to yourself

Sorry, we are not hiring.