The Cloud Enhanced Collaboration

It Allows Us to Better Share Data, Manage Projects, and Communicate with Each Other

But public cloud solutions bring risks

The 4 Key Risks of Public Cloud Solutions


Data Ownership

Many public cloud providers have clauses in their contracts that explicitly state that the data stored is owned by the provider, not the customer.


Data Privacy

On a public cloud, third parties, including governments, have access to your data, resulting in compliance, legal liability, and business continuity issues.


Data Theft

Your data could be compromised due to issues like hackers, cloud provider employee theft, and account hijacking.


Data Loss

There are instances in which customers have lost data, either due to an issue with the cloud provider or as result of malicious attacks.


The Easiest Way to Protect My Data

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Protonet delivers its industry leading Project Management and Collaboration Software on
Secure Private Cloud Servers, providing a powerful but easy to use all-in-one solution.

Solution Ownership

Control Your Destiny

Removes reliance on IT groups who are busy with multiple priorities. Avoids third-party cloud provider lock-in, who can change their plans and their focus at any given time. Now, you can control your own solution!

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High Performance

Faster Data Access and File Uploads

Cloud based solutions need to communicate through slower speed WANs to far-away data centers. The private cloud server is located in your office through high-speed LANs – providing much faster performance, especially when uploading those large files.

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Group Productivity In A Box

Everything In One Place

Software applications come pre-installed. With built in Wi-Fi services, data protection, and virus protection, the solution provides an all-in-one workgroup solution with everything in a single server.

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Data compliance

Data behind your firewall

Provides web browser access to applications and data, but allows you to keep your data safely on your server behind your firewall, enabling control over who has access and where data is located. This meets the requirements of many governments, industries, and company policies.

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One-Button Solution

Designed for non-IT users, the one-button solution enables any firm to have a modern communication platform, leading to efficient collaboration. Private cloud servers are small, quiet, and beautifully designed to be placed on your desktop.

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Protonet SOUL allows teams to collaborate securely, empower innovation, best utilize everyone’s skills, solve problems faster, become more efficient, and control your solution.

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