Benefits of mobile collaboration

By Phil Maurer. Published 25. July 2016.

Mobile collaboration is the way of the future, and your business will only benefit by adapting sooner rather than later. So let’s take a look at how mobile collaboration can help businesses of all sizes.

Increase workplace morale

Almost every office is a BYOD (bring your own device) environment. Today, 40% of US employees indicate that they bring their own devices to work. You need to embrace this rather than impose stiff policies requiring personal mobiles to be out of sight. Allowing employees to collaborate according to their preference naturally leads to better work morale. When spirits are up in the office, work productivity inevitably follows.

Also keep in mind that telecommuting is on the rise. In 2015, 37% of US workers telecommute at least part of the time. Employees working from home are highly likely to use their personal mobile devices for work-related activities.  In addition, many employees on business travel need to stay up-to-date on what going on in the office.

Permitting telecommuters, business travelers, and onsite employees to collaborate via mobile helps promote the kind of seamless communication that happens naturally when people are allowed to freely interact. This fosters teamwork and lessens the chances of miscommunication.

Mobile collaboration enables everyone to join the conversation.

Gain access to the latest mobile collaboration features

The latest mobile collaboration software enables remote teams to communicate in ways that were once only possible via in-person collaboration.  A file sharing app, for instance, that allows mobile users on the go to view an important document.  Likewise, a chat app can allow mobile users to quickly and easily communicate with everyone on the team.

Benefits are twofold. Workers can be present for a briefing even if they can’t be there in person. Plus, giving this kind of leeway and convenience allows executives to expect higher attendance at meetings, webinars, and other events.

Streamline communication channels

Collaboration via email alerts, video content, instant messaging, and social media posts can be easily mixed up when all of the communication is sent and received through multiple devices like a mobile, home laptop, and office computer.

A mobile collaboration tool brings synchronization and order to digital disorganization. It allows all content to be accessed from a single handheld device anywhere, anytime.

Be nimble, be competitive

Mobile communication offers these benefits and many more to businesses with employees, partners, vendors and customers who are constantly on-the-go. Make your nimbleness a competitive advantage by enabling mobile collaboration for your teams.

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