What is a social collaboration solution?

By Phil Maurer. Published 15. August 2016.

Social collaboration, more or less, is the collaborative efforts of multiple entities beyond physical office space. This includes in-house staff, but may also involve a remote team of agencies, freelancers, vendors, and even customers spanning the globe.

Social collaboration is a tool

Social collaboration solutions consist of technology designed to make remote communication as efficient as possible. While common forms of digital correspondence like email and social networks can be considered social collaboration tools in their own right, a comprehensive social collaboration solution addresses pitfalls associated with those methods to streamline the process of real-time information sharing.

More and more businesses are implementing their own social collaboration platform for improving workplace productivity. This often includes solutions that:

  • Promote a strong, remote workplace culture
  • Protect information by using a secure and encrypted communication line
  • Improve mobile communication by embedding widgets, calendars, and message threads on hand-held devices
  • Enable data to be shared while restricting viewing and/or editing rights to select personnel

Social collaboration is synonymous with connectivity

Typical collaboration software provides a single interface to keep an entire team connected, no matter where those team members are located. Staff can stay in touch and seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile devices. Additional tools like chat, web conferencing, team progress tracking, and reporting analytics are all built into the interface.

Social collaboration will soon the be the norm in workplace culture

Adopting a social collaboration platform is all about boosting workplace productivity. The work environment is quickly evolving into a network of teams spread across diverse geological landscapes. Social collaboration solutions help bring your team together under a single umbrella, even when members are separated by continents and time zones.

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